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In this Series we start the the very beginning. To start we setup the computer ready for creating detailed and interesting websites. In part two you will start to learn about HTML and its structure, you will see the basic elements and building blocks used to make websites. Moving on we will introduce CSS and show you how this is intergrated into HTML to make websites look more attractive and appealing to visitors. Finally we bring HTML and CSS together and make a small project of our own. We use all the skills we have learnt during the course.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To complete this Series you will need:

  • A PC or Laptop computer
  • Administrator permissions
  • An Internet connection

Aims and Objectives

By successfully finishing this Series you will have gained the following skills:

  • How to update Windows
  • How to install software
  • Understanding HTML structure and layout
  • Recognizing HTML elements and attributes
  • Using and implementing CSS elements and attributes
  • Create webpages
  • Read HTML and CSS code

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Series Contents

Part 1: Setup

No. Lesson Description Estimated Time
1 Windows Updates Preparing your computer for the next steps 15 Minutes
2 Other Perquisites Installing some required updates that are not included with Windows Updates 15 Minutes
3 Notepad++ Installation Installing a text editor called Notepad++ to help create websites 15 Minutes
4 FireFox Installation Installing a web browser to test our websites 15 Minutes
5 WAMP Installation Installing a local server to enable advanced website features 15 Minutes

Part 2: HTML Basics

No. Lesson Description Estimated Time

Part 3: CSS Basics

No. Lesson Description Estimated Time

Part 4: HTML and CSS Project

No. Lesson Description Estimated Time


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